Costume Terms of Purchase

Fete Finder provides the ability for registered individuals who no longer need or want a carnival costume that they purchased to resell their costume to other individuals.  This page explains the process and responsibilities for the Seller and Buyer to resell and purchase the costume on


Transactions where costumes are resold by another Fete Finder Patron on are strictly between the Buyer and the Seller.
Neither nor its owners accept any liability for moneys lost, items damaged, stolen, or any other claim relating to transactions between Buyer and Seller.
While Fete Finder verifies the actual original purchase of a costume, the Patron/Buyer accepts all exchanges of their purchase at their own risk.
You will not hold Fete Finder LLC liable if you do not comply with laws related to your transactions. We may provide law enforcement with information you provide to us related to your transactions to assist in any investigation or prosecution of you.
If we are unable to verify or authenticate any information or  costumes you provide during any registration, ordering, purchase, costume posting, sale, authentication, delivery, payment or remittance process, or any other process, or if we are no longer able to verify or authorize your credit card or bank account information,  we may refuse to honor all pending and future purchases made with those credit card or bank accounts and/or via any online accounts associated with those credit card or bank accounts. We may also prohibit you from using the site.

Seller's Process and Responsibilities

Listing a Costume

  • Only registered accounts can list a costume for resell.
  • Sellers must list the ORIGINAL total price for the costume, the amount the Seller has paid to date, and the remaining balance.  The Purchase amount that the Buyer will see will be the amount that the Seller has paid to the mas band to date.
  • Costumes CANNOT be “marked up” for a profit. 

Costume Payment Conditions

Payment will be released to the Seller within 1 business day upon the completion of the transaction. uses both PayPal and Stripe payment processing to fulfill costume payment transactions. Both PayPal and Stripe charge a 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee for each transaction.  
By agreeing to resell your costume on, you are agreeing to Terms of Purchase, and you the Seller are accepting our payment delivery date of 1 business day along with the payment processing fee, which will be taken from the payment that the Buyer pays when purchasing your costume.

Example:  Tribe Frontline Costume costs $1200,  the Seller has paid $500 to date. A Buyer purchases said costume, the Seller will receive $485.20 ($500 x 2.9% = $14.50 + $0.30 = $14.80) ($500 – $14.80 = $485.20)

If you are not willing to have this fee taken from the Buyer’s payment you will be unable to sell your costume on
By agreeing to these Terms of Purchase, you the Seller are agreeing to accept the payment processing fee.

Payment Transfer Conditions

Once you, the Seller, submits your costume listing, our team will review and validate your submission. If there are any additional questions regarding your listing we will contact you within the 4-6 hours of your submission, otherwise your costume listing will be posted to the site and you will see your listing in your Fete Finder account seller’s dashboard products section.

Once a Buyer has purchased your costume, funds will be released to the Seller once you’ve completed the following activities:

  1. Provided a signed authorization letter (which will include a copy of your (the Seller’s) official state/country ID) stating that the Buyer will be picking up the costume;
  2. Changed the pick-up name for the costume, as well as the mas band costume account information, to the Buyer’s name on the mas band’s website (if applicable/transferable);
  3. Changed the login and password information for future costume payments on the mas band’s website (if the contact info cannot be changed on the mas band’s site please arrange with the Buyer separately to make any additional payments for the costume)

The Seller should email to verify that each activity has been completed. 

Activities That Can Cause Your Fete Finder Account to be Banned

  • Marking up the original price of the costume, as well as the amount you’ve paid to the band to date.
  • Selling a costume that is not registered to you, the Seller. 
  • Attempting to conceal your identity by using multiple Internet Protocol addresses or email addresses, or by any other means, to conduct transactions on the site.
  • Not following the Payment Transfer Conditions listed above.

Buyer's Process and Responsibilities

Fete Finder has verified the Seller’s receipt for payment of this costume. Fete Finder will provide the receipt to the Buyer once payment has been processed.

Costume Transfer Process

  • Once the Buyer’s payment is processed, the Buyer will receive an email confirmation to the email address connected to their PayPal or Stripe account.
  • The Seller will provide the Buyer with a signed authorization letter  stating that you (the Buyer) will be picking up the costume.

Please contact the Seller directly to:

  • Have the pick-up name for the costume and the costume account information changed to your name on the mas band’s website (if applicable),
  • Change the login and password information for future costume payments on the mas band’s website,
  • If the Seller is unable to change the contact information on the mas band’s site (it’s non-transferable) please arrange with the Seller separately to make any additional payments for the costume.

Activities That Can Cause Your Fete Finder Account to be Banned

  • Cancelling or disputing a payment once you’ve received the costume receipt and the account information has been transferred to your name. (If you no longer want the costume, you are responsible for reselling it or finding someone else who would like to have it.)