Resell Your Costume

  • Checklist Item 1
    Provided a signed authorization letter (which will include a copy of your official state/country ID) stating that the Buyer will be picking up the costume;
  • Checklist Item 2
    Have the pick-up name for the costume and the costume account information changed to the Buyer's name on the mas band's website (if applicable/transferable);
  • Checklist Item 3
    Change the login and password information for future costume payments on the mas band's website (if the contact info cannot be changed on the mas band's site please arrange with the Buyer separately to make any additional payments for the costume)
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Terms of Purchase

Our Costume Terms of Purchase defines the process and responsibilities for Sellers to post a costume for resell, in addition to the process for Buyers to purchase a costume. By saying Yes you agree to our Terms of Purchase and may continue to use this page.