Fete Finder Feature: DJ Hazzard

Fete Finder Feature: DJ Hazzard

Andre Harris aka DJ Hazzard 

Andre “DJ Hazzard” Francis is a native Washingtonian (District of Columbia) with the blood of the Caribbean pumping through his veins. Add DC’s eclectic blend of cultures and ethnicities into the mix, and you’ll understand the inspiration behind his tagline: BringingCulturesTogetherThroughMusic.

Hazzard’s exposure to, appreciation for, and command of, a slew of musical genres is the key to his evolution into one of DC’s most diverse DJs. His musical studies during his formative years have also enhanced his understanding of musical structure, resulting in seamless mixes that can cross genres and excite any audience.

With a plethora of experience at some of DC’s most popular night clubs and lounges, this versatile DJ is also in high demand at public and private parties, weddings, corporate functions and college events, not to mention carnivals along the US’s Eastern seaboard and Trinidad and Tobago.

Some of Hazzard’s most notable partnerships include MAC Cosmetics, Macy’s, Yelp, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the Embassies of the Republic of Trinidad and Barbados, TRIBE Carnival, and BLISS Carnival.



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