My First Trinidad Carnival (Guest Post)

My First Trinidad Carnival (Guest Post)

This post was submitted by Fete Finder member Samsonz01.


My first real taste of Trinidad carnival was at A.M.Beach in Tyrico Bay. Carnival and soca do different things to different people. The jumbie (spirit) of carnival affects people in different ways. Some feel their passions grow more carnal, while others feel their passion for the soca beat a little deeper in their soul than at other times. Trinidad brings the chaos of passions intermingling with the jumbie of carnival into an apex. Musical trances make waists gyrate and jump harder than they thought they could as some indulge in spirits liquor and otherwise giving them energy they did not know that had. The beautiful mountainous terrain and the surrounding backdrop of Maracas beach, with its beautiful azure waters created a perfect ceremony for those who wait all year for this…. this carnival! TRINIDAD CARNIVAL! Mecca to soca lovers and carnival junkies waiting to pay tithes as they cross the stage.


The excitement of most peoples’ first fete in such a pristine, untouched setting, contrasted by the heart-thumping soca bass beats and the eventual masters of ceremonies Kes and Iwer George… well I was floored and in awe! It’s different in the land of soca! Somehow the music is crisper and the soca travels a little clearer to your ears and heart and eventually into your soul! Somehow everyone around has become your family as the soca beat is now the same beat by which all of your soca family live by and die by! You’re all one for the joy and happiness that soca brings! “Soca makes you feel no pain!”

All carnival was an oscillation of highs and exhaustion to the beats of fetes beginning and ending before sunrises and after sunsets. Not necessarily my modus operandi going forward but I can’t fault anyone’s carnival addictions! The music makes you feel no pain!


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