Costume Info

Carnival Name: Jamaica 2020
Band Name: Xodus
Section Name: Kai
Costume Short Description:
Kai bikini backline with small backpack

Costume Details

Sizes: Bra size: 34B, panty size: small, style: bikini
Pieces/Accessories: Head piece | neck piece | wrist piece | leg pieces | small backpack
Type of meal: Jamaican
Costume full description:

Comes with a small backpack, head, neck, wrist and leg accessories, Bejeweled 2 piece wire bra and panty.

Pricing Info

Date final payment is due to band: 08/15/2020

Xodus costume Kai Bikini backline

Total cost of costume: $580
Remaining balance: $66
(to be paid to band)
Deposit Paid to date: $514
(your payment)
Amount due to seller

1 in stock

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