Team Bios

Shon G., CEO

I am a New York City native, born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx. My ancestry is Jamaican, Haitian and Kittitian. I was introduced to Caribbean culture, calypso and soca music through childhood friends. For me, soca music is happy music — it does something to the soul. Moving in and out of foster homes as a child, and then being homeless as a teenager for a period, soca and calypso music kept me in a good place. Creating Fete Finder is my way to give back to the culture as an appreciation of what it has given me all these years, in addition, to being a way for others to connect and learn about the various aspects of Caribbean culture.

I had a difficult time preparing for my first carnival.  I remember wishing I had a one-stop-shop that included everything I would need, all in one place, with the click of a button. I wanted to know what I needed, where to get it, how do I get tickets, which DJ or artists would be there,  and who they were.  For all these reasons, I decided to start Fete Finder.

But please note, Fete Finder is not only for those of us already in the carnival and fete scene.  The culture welcomes everyone who wants to be a part of it, to learn about it, accept it and enjoy the Caribbean culture in its entirety.

Coco B., COO

I am a New York City native, born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens (though I still claim BK!). My father was born and raised in Trinidad until his adolescent years, my mother is American, but my ancestry includes Bajan and Guyanese roots.  My parents divorced when I was a young child and I grew up with little-to-no knowledge of the Caribbean side of my family. My first introduction to any form of Caribbean music was through childhood best friends who were Haitian and Jamaican… dancehall was actually my first love, until 2001. I first visited Trinidad in 2001, and well…so long dancehall… soca became my new love. I got bit by the carnival bug in 2006, participating in my first carnival ever, Trinidad carnival, and since then have participated in numerous other carnivals around the world.

Our team is committed to ensuring that all who visit our site have access to the best events, services, and information related to carnival, fetes, experiences and the Caribbean culture as a whole. We look forward to serving you!

Chris M., Marketing & Communications Associate

I grew up in the Washington DC/Metropolitan area. My late father was Trinidadian and my mother is a born and raised  Washingtonian. Both loved family and music. My formative years were laced with memories of Saturday morning calypso and chores, and family “cooks” and company on weekends. Family and music were always constants in my life. Over the past 10 years, I’ve reconnected with carnival and consider myself a “Carnivalist”, one of my favorite hobbies. It is the very hobby that expresses my love for friends and family in one beautiful and memorable mash-up experience.

Fete Finder is your one-stop shop for ALL things Carnival. Refine and streamline the planning process to your favorite carnival locations, or get the lay of the land and make connections as you plan for your newest carnival locale — Fete Finder is here for it all.  Bringing carnival, in all of it’s festive brilliance to the world IS OUR PASSION!!


DJ Ghost, Technical Associate & Artist Liaison

Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, I grew up in and around the carnival culture. With my family members being wire benders, designers, and mas makers my love for the culture and soca music flourished. After migrating to the United States I became a member of the Sprang Int’l DJ family in the Washington, D.C. area, and am now Managing Partner of Sound Bang Entertainment.

Over the years, I have worked alongside some well-known faces in the entertainment business (Alison Hinds, David Rudder, Stephen Marley, Bun-B, Dr. Hyde, Destra, Mr. Vegas, Coco-T, Teddyson John, Tara Lynn). Currently, I am an official DJ, keeping my music in the ear of listeners local and abroad. I am also a decorated veteran of the United States Marine Corps. You can look out for me at events all across the USA, as you never know when the Ghost will appear.