Welcome to Fete Finder!

Welcome to Fete Finder!

Welcome to Fete Finder! Fete Finder is your one-stop-shop for everything you’d need for Caribbean and carnival events.

Our initial vision for Fete Finder was to create a haven for carnival-goers to resell carnival costumes and fete tickets. However, like all great ideas, the vision grew over time, into what is now the centralized hub for everything carnival and Caribbean-related.

Visitors and members of Fete Finder will find listings for carnival and fete events (including lists of basic needs to help you prepare), concierge services, events featuring top Caribbean talent, local Caribbean businesses, and information about the Caribbean community and culture. In addition to the aforementioned features, Fete Finder will allow users to network and socialize with other carnival-goers and provide an opportunity to get to know some of the hottest artists, DJ’s and promoters on the carnival scene. As you network and socialize, feel free to blog your experience, rate businesses, and provide reviews.
Our goal is to make sure you are prepared for a good time and to help you create great memories with great people.

Thank you again and welcome!

Shon Gee

CEO, Fete Finder LLC

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